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  • Coronavirus and immigratios - What you need to know



    Dear clients,

    Due to the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus, our office will be taking steps to protect our clients and staff. Our office hours remain normal from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, in which we will be available virtually to serve our clients, as our staff at the office will be limited to ensure everyone’s health.

    If you have been assigned an in-person appointment, but you feel unwell, we would appreciate you letting us know and avoiding showing up at the office. We can arrange an appointment to virtually serve you. If you visit our office, you must follow these steps before you come in contact with our employees: wash your hands and keep a reasonable distance from the employee. (sick people will not be able to enter our office)

    We appreciate your understanding and collaboration.

    ULF is here to serve you

    We are focused on giving you the best possible service and to ensure your well-being, we have enabled LawPay as an online payment method so you can do it from the comfort of your home.


    You don’t need to come into our office, you can send your documents through text, fax, or email.
    T: (770) 401-7646
    F: (770) 460-1514



    We invite our clients and readers to stay up-to-date with information regarding COVID-19 and to take all necessary precautions for you and your family.