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    The Urbina Law Firm Scholarship


    When the founder of The Urbina Law Firm Michael Urbina and his wife Giselle Urbina were pursuing their college career, they applied to different scholarships to be able to afford their studies. They were able to acquire a couple of them and were so inspired by the people who donated these scholarships. Giselle received a scholarship from the group United Boricuas of Georgia and this scholarship was given to her thanks to the donations of their members. The scholarship helped her acquire college textbooks that were too expensive for her to afford. United Boricuas of Georgia is a group of great people who like to serve the community and help others. This inspired her so much that along with her husband promised themselves that when they had a job they were going to pay it forward. 

    This is how The Urbina Law Firm Scholarship was born. It was born from the idea that we should always try to help others achieve their dreams because at one point in our lives someone helped us to achieve ours.

    For more information, please visit our 2019 scholarship page.

    Erika Alcoser

    The ULF Scholarship has given me hope when I mostly needed it. It has helped me further my education and strive to better myself as DACA student. The ULF Scholarship assisted me with my financial hardships, such as paying for classes and books. I am blessed and thankful for being the recipient of the ULF Scholarship. The ULF is doing great things for young teens who are trying reach for the highest stars that are sometimes inalcanzables! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift and I hope the Lord blesses the Urbina family for their amazing heart.

    Daniela Martinez

    When I got the call that I won, The Urbina Law Firm Scholarship, I was in complete shocked, no words could describe how thankful I was for the opportunity. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the generosity in funding, The Urbina Law Firm Scholarship. I am very honor to have been the recipient of this award in 2014. Receiving this scholarship motivated me to obtain my Medical Interpreting Certificate at the University of Georgia and further my education to help those in my community. I would also like to thank whoever the anonymous individual who match my scholarship amount and helped continue my dream to obtain a better education. This was also, my very first scholarship I received and it gave hope to family and I to continue to further my education.

    Thank you for promoting and giving back to the Immigrant community and inspiring young people to further their Education!

    Urbina Law Firm - 2015 Scholarship Winner

    Indira Islas

    The Urbina Law Firm Scholarship was an opportunity that gave me the hope that I needed to continue to fight for my education as a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals student. With it being my very first scholarship that I received, it not only gave me hope but it also gave my family hope. I was proud to have shown my parents that their daughter reciprocates the hard work they exhibit each day. This success marked the beginning of many more opportunities. Because of the Urbina Law Firm’s contribution to my education, I no longer have monetary barriers keeping me from continuing my education.

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