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Marietta Immigration Detention Lawyer

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Marietta Immigration Detention Lawyer

Immigrants who are arrested in the United States can face additional complications depending on their immigration status. Dealing with Immigration Services can be difficult for many.

If you have the opportunity to speak to a trustworthy immigration attorney, that person might be able to serve as your advocate throughout the process. Whether you are facing detention or you have a loved one who is in this unfortunate circumstance, you can call a Marietta immigration detention lawyer today for a consultation.

Seeking Release on Bond

Police have the right to hold individuals for 48 hours. However, when that person is an immigrant, they might have the ability to hold them for an additional 48 hours to provide an opportunity for immigration officers to pick up the individual. Even in cases where law enforcement charges a person with a crime, there might be an opportunity to pay a bond to leave police custody.

Anyone in custody should request a bond hearing, although not everyone is entitled to this opportunity. If a court approves a person for release on bond, another individual, such as a family member, will need to pay the bond in money order or cashier’s check. The person who pays that bond must have some form of legal immigration status.

At a bond hearing, the immigrant will have the opportunity to prove that they are not a flight risk and that they will attend all necessary court hearings. Failing to abide by court orders will result in the loss of the money paid for the bond. Anyone with questions regarding immigration bond hearings should speak to an immigration detention lawyer in Marietta.

Marietta Immigration Hearings and Deportation

While bond hearings pertain to the ability of a detained person to leave the court’s control while their case is pending, immigration hearings will determine the person’s ability to stay in the United States. Immigration processes are complicated and require the immigrant to provide evidence, including witnesses who can testify on their behalf.

The consequences of an immigration hearing include deportation and the inability to return to the United States. In many cases, they will have family living in this country, making such consequences devastating for them and their loved ones. There are many potential defenses to removal proceedings, including that the immigrant has some form of legal means to remain in the country.

Also, if the court’s attempt to deport the individual connects to a criminal case, defending against those charges may also help the immigration proceedings. Anyone in these circumstances must speak to a dedicated Marietta immigration detention attorney about their hearing.

When Immigration Services Do Not Owe a Hearing

Certain individuals will not receive a bond hearing or other immigration-related hearing. For example, if the immigrant is subject to a previous deportation order, the government does not owe them the right to a hearing. Certain criminal convictions can lead to the loss of that right.

In addition, when Immigration Services arrests a person at an airport or port of entry, or suspects they have nefarious intentions, they may deny the right to a hearing and move to deport the individual. In other circumstances, the court will likely hold a hearing, and the detained individual should reach out for assistance from an attorney.

Seek Counsel with a Marietta Immigration Detention Attorney

Individuals who are not citizens in the United States can face permanent deportation from the country when they are charged with criminal conduct. It is essential that anyone facing immigration detention speak to an experienced bilingual lawyer who understands the implications of potential convictions for noncitizens.

If you or your loved one is at risk of deportation, you should hire a legal advocate. Call a Marietta immigration detention lawyer today to discuss your case.

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Marriage Green Card through Consular ProcessFor married couples where the foreign-born spouse lives abroad
Marriage Green Card: Adjustment of StatusFor married couples in the U.S.
K-1 Fiancé VisaFor unmarried couples where the foreign-born spouse lives abroad
Removal of ConditionsFor those with expiring 2-year green cards
IR-2 Child VisaFor U.S. citizens with children outside of the U.S.
B1/B2 Tourist VisaFor individuals looking to travel to the U.S.
IR-5 Parent VisaFor U.S. citizens with foreign-born parents
U.S. Citizenship (Naturalization)For green card holders ready to become U.S. citizens
I-90 Green Card Renewal or ReplacementFor current green card holders
H-1B VisaFor foreign professionals who want to work in the U.S.
EB-5 VisaFor investors who want to immigrate to the U.S.
E-2 VisaFor foreign investors to start a U.S. business
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O-1 VisaFor companies that want to bring extraordinary foreign talent to the U.S.
R-1 VisaFor religious workers who need a temporary U.S. visa
TN VisaFor citizens of Mexico and Canada who work in certain professions
F-1 Student VisaFor foreign students who want to study in the U.S.
NaturalizationFor permanent residents ready to become U.S. citizens
Adjustment of StatusFor immigrants looking to adjust their status
Denials & DelaysHelp with delays or denials in the immigration process
Derivative CitizenshipFor foreign-born children with a U.S. parent
Deportation DefenseLegal assistance and protection against deportation
DACAFor certain people who entered the U.S. unlawfully as children
AsylumFor individuals and families seeking asylum
U-VisaFor crime victims who are in fear of deportation
T-VisaFor victims of human trafficking
Affirmative Deferred Action
EB-5For investors and employers wanting to move to the U.S.
E-2 VisaFor investors and employers wanting to move to the U.S.

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