I highly recommend the Urbina Law Firm. They are thorough, timely, and responsive.
They have a great staff, and leadership. Giselle is so sweet and extremely helpful. Michael will always put his best efforts forward. They are ethical, and kind. Very rare to find in a law firm. Highly highly recommend!


I have known the Urbinas for over 10 years and I have referred friends of mine to seek their legal services and I have heard nothing but good feedback on the service and advice they received. Additionally, Michael and his office frequently educate the community about the latest immigration developments and other topics I find quite useful. I recommend fully their legal services!


I know everyone will have their own opinion when it comes to lawyers especially immigration lawyers but I will share my opinion, this company this man Michael urbina is by far the best man for the job for our situation that we could have ever hoped for , and we have recommended him to several other people that have felt like they were at a dead end like we were. Highly recommend . We feel he is very honest he is up-to-date on all the new laws that are constantly changing as well as him looking at clients as people that are in dire need of his service. Unlike other lawyers that look at clients as a price tag of how much money that they can cheat them out of which we had a bad experience few years back in Lost $30,000 due to an incompetent immigration lawyer. Again he is highly recommended.


I highly recommend the Urbina Law Firm. They are good trustworthy people to represent you. They are very knowledgeable in immigration law.


Highly recommend the Urbina Law Firm. Had several questions on an immigration application. The staff is very professional and thorough. I spoke with Michael Urbina, attorney-at-law, over the phone and was able to have all my questions answered. The firm is very knowledgeable, professional, caring, and really want to help you.
Thank you for all that you do.


My wife and I have used the Urbina law firm on several occasions and have been very happy with the service we have received from Michael and his staff. Michael’s confident demeanor and sense of humor immediately put us both at ease. He told us not to worry and he would handle it, and he did. I would definitely recommend the Urbina law firm wholeheartedly.


My husband and I are extremely happy with the quality of legal representation Urbina law firm provided us. First of all, I have never met a more reliable, polite, punctual, honest, caring, and effective attorney than Michael Urbina. To this day, I cannot believe my luck in finding Michael to represent me in my case which seemed to be a “dead end” case. Michael was a pleasure to work with from the initial consultation until the day our case was approved. I also want to thank Denia Amat for all the help and every minute she spent making sure everything was taken care of.
Will keep in contact, we would love to count on you to continue with our case until the last step. Thank you.


The Urbina law firm changed our lives. They are a blessing to our family, all the staff is very friendly and helpful but attorney Urbina always kept us fully informed, guided, personalized attention, walked us through the process and explained very patiently what to do and be prepared for. We can’t thank them enough.


I’ve had a very difficult case, and Michael was always helpful and honest with me. Even in the toughest moment he was there for me. Advising and helping. I will always be thankful to him and his firm.


Great people and attorneys to work with that are really helpful and understanding in any situation. They’re very professional in all aspects of what they do and it is a comforting experience working with them.