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Luis Diaz
Urbina Immigration Law Services in Georgia stars - Urbina Immigration Law.

Honestly, they are very human and take the time to help, Mr. Mike Urbina excellent work and excellent lawyer along with the whole team, and a special thanks to Ms. Elaine for her tremendous work and her great kindness!

Luis Diaz
Gabriela Velazquez Escarcega
Urbina Immigration Law Services in Georgia stars - Urbina Immigration Law.

Thanks to Attorney Urbina and his entire team, they are and will continue to be the best in Atlanta, they are very kind and dedicated to your case, I have two immigration cases with them, my husband’s was a success to receive his work permit and now mine is in process towards the Residency!

Gabriela Velazquez Escarcega
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Urbina Immigration Law Services in Georgia stars - Urbina Immigration Law.

Urbina law Firm are excellent lawyers, professional, friendly, helpful and friendly, who will help with your
immigration statuses, I recommend them to you, they helped me.
after another lawyer
closed my case without consulting me, and in 2 years they helped me to get my residency, thank you.
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Elvira Macias

Cancellation of removal and adjustment of status

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Fear of deportation is a stressful part of life for many immigrants. For foreigners and immigrants living in the United States, the prospect of losing everything can be overwhelming.

You have worked hard to build a new life in the United States for you and your family. But all can be lost if the government seeks to deport you or a loved one.

We understand what is at stake and are passionate about protecting the rights and lives of our clients. No matter your circumstances, we will develop a defense or appeal strategy and approach that gives you the best chance of putting the threat of deportation behind you so you can move on with your life.

How to cancel a deportation order?

Under certain criteria, it is possible to remove a deportation order deportation order. People looking for the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status will have to comply with several requirements:

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What is "exceptional and extremely unusual hardship"?

It is the hardship you would need to show the immigration judge in order for him or her to grant this discretionary relief. Basically, you must show that your deportation would cause your child, spouse, or parent to suffer a hardship substantially worse than the hardship generally expected from deportation under normal circumstances. Examples include serious and ongoing medical, physical and psychological problems. Economic hardship alone would not qualify under this restrictive standard.

Our team of cancellation of removal lawyers has extensive experience in immigration law to help you design the best strategy for your case, giving you the best chance for a positive outcome.

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What is the U Visa and how do I get it?

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The U visa program helps victims of crime who have suffered physical or psychological abuse to receive the protection and security they need. We are deeply committed to playing a role in these efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you obtain this type of visa.

Who qualifies for adjustment of status by Visa u?

An immigrant may qualify for a U visa if you report a crime and contribute to an investigation and prosecution. The law that created this type of visa works to encourage people to report crimes regardless of their immigration status.

If you’re wondering how to find out if you qualify for a U visa, it’s simple. You can apply for this visa if you meet the following requirements:

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Can I include family members in my U visa application?

Certain members of your family (spouse and children), under certain circumstances, are also among those who apply for the U visa derived from the titulaire. For this to be possible, it is necessary for the visa holder to file a petition on behalf of qualifying family members. If this is not the case, there are other types of family visas.

Contact a U visa attorney to find out if you qualify for the benefit of a U visa.

What crimes are covered by the legal aid that is the U Visa?

If you have been a victim of one of the following crimes, you are among those who apply for a U visa:

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Immigration cases are complex, emotional and stressful. The law provides specific remedies that can help a person remain in the United States. You have the right to hire an attorney to put you in a better position when you present your case.

Our bilingual deportation deportation removal prioritize obtaining the best possible outcome, taking all necessary steps to meet the needs of our clients, obtaining the best result for each case.