Removal of Conditions and Naturalization

Conditional permanent residence status is granted to those who have recently married U.S. citizens. When the time comes to make a petition to cancel the conditional status of your permanent residence. An I-751 lawyer can help you get through the process.

What is a conditional resident application for citizenship?

Conditional permanent conditional permanent residence is an immigration status granted to immigrants who have been married to U.S. citizens for less than two years. The children of these immigrants also often have conditional status. The purpose of conditional status is to prevent fraud.

If you are a conditional resident applying for citizenship status, your green card will be valid for two years instead of the usual ten years. If you believe you meet the requirements for removal of conditions of marriage residency be sure to enlist the help of a removal of conditions and naturalization lawyer who specializes in the removal of conditions of residency by marriage.

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What is a conditional resident application for residence?

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Permanent residents with conditional status who are within 90 days of the expiration date of their conditional green card may apply for removal of conditions of residency. It is important to know that conditional green cards cannot be renewed, so if you fail to remove your conditions of residency, you will lose your permanent residency.

For a successful petition, you must show that your marriage was entered into in good faith and not for immigration purposes.

What documents do I need to request a removal of residency conditions?

To request to remove the conditions of residence by marriage you must file a Form I-751. It is also important that you present documents that prove the legitimacy of your marriage, such as taxes, insurance payments, bank account statements, joint accounts or rental agreements.

If you have, it is recommended that you include any evidence of a significant event that may help with your case for removal of the restriction which is conditional residency.

A specializing I-751 lawyer and the rest of the necessary steps in your petition to cancel the conditions on your residency will be of great help to you in the process.

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Can I request the removal of residency conditions if I am no longer married?

If you are no longer married, either because of the death of your spouse, divorce, or abuse, you may still qualify for permanent residence if you can prove that your marriage was legitimate and unrelated to your immigration status. In addition, you may be eligible for the removal of conditions if you can prove that deportation would cause you extreme hardship.

How long does it take to remove residency conditions?

After filing your petition, you will need to schedule a biometric appointment and may be asked to provide additional evidence of your relationship. You may also be asked to schedule an interview to verify that your marriage is legitimate. Tests and interviews will naturally add more time to the process. In general, you can expect to receive your permanent  green card  within a year to a year and a half after filing your petition.

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Talk to a citizenship I-751 lawyer now

Immigration applications and processes are complicated, and any mistake can delay the removal of conditions or cause your application for permanent residence to be denied altogether. While you can file your Form I-751 and petition to cancel the conditions on the residency yourself, an immigration attorney can help you avoid mistakes that could harm your application.

Working with an I-751 lawyer experienced in the removal of conditions on residency by marriage can ensure that your petition contains all the information and evidence required for it to have the best chance of success. To learn more about how a specialized attorney can help your family, contact us today for an evaluation of your case.