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Mary Lourdes Chirinos

Billing Coordinator

Mary Chirinos was born in Venezuela. She holds a degree in Accounting and subsequently pursued a Master’s in Superior Education. With a career spanning back to her early years at the age of 16, Mary has dedicated herself to the field of Accounting, cultivating a successful professional trajectory within her home country.

Due to political circumstances, Mary made the difficult decision to leave Venezuela and embark on a new chapter in the United States. Fortunately, she has been fortunate to encounter the Urbina family, and she takes immense pride in being a part of the UIL community. Maintaining a positive outlook, Mary remains steadfast in fighting for her beliefs.

As an individual, Mary prioritizes organization and continually strives for personal and professional growth. Her greatest motivation lies in her deep love for her daughter and family, and she cherishes the moments spent with them.

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